What to look for when betting on horses

What To Look For When Betting On Horses

To be successful at horse racing betting it is important to have a combination of knowledge and skills.  This will not make someone an expert, but the more one learns about horse racing the more well-informed they will be and then they are able to place a bet based not on luck or guess work but on solid information and good research. Continue reading

What is entertainment betting

What Is Entertainment Betting?

Many punters do not even realise that there are such things as entertainment bets.  Entertainment bets will include anything to do with celebrities, reality TV shows, movies, politics and so much more.  Nowadays Australians can place a wager on almost anything and these include wagers on politics, award ceremonies and anything to do with celebrities and their lives and punters can even place a wager on the weather. Continue reading

Harness racing

Harness Racing: Horse Racing With A Difference

Harness Racing  is performed by horses and includes two styles of movement: trotting and pacing.  This is referred to as the horse’s gait.  A trotter moves its legs in diagonal pairs – right front and left behind, as well as the opposite pair the other way around.  When pacing, the horse will move its legs forward laterally – right front and right hind together; left front and left hind together. Continue reading

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing Betting Options

Greyhound racing consists of Greyhound dogs chasing a lure, a mechanical stuffed bone which is tied to a bar, around a track.  The lure makes a squeaky sound as it goes around the track and the Greyhounds are attracted to it by hearing and seeing the lure.  There are 2 types of Greyhound racing and they are track racing and coursing. Continue reading

Pinocchio slot

Pinocchio Online Slot

Betsoft’s Pinocchio online slot is a 15 pay line game that makes use of the classic story of Pinocchio to make an intricate slot game. Just like in the story, during this slot game you journey from being a wooden marionette to becoming a human boy. Continue reading

More Gold Diggin slot

More Gold Diggin Online Slot

More Gold Diggin is a Betsoft online slot that takes place underground. You spin the slot reels assisted by Jeb and Cletus, two miners trying to make some money with the variety of precious stones and minerals they find. What they dig up is displayed on the reels. Three or more matching symbols on a pay line means a big pay day for everyone. Continue reading

Mega Glam Life slot

Mega Glam Life Online Slot

Mega Glam Life is a 20 pay line online slot game by Betsoft. Mega Glam Life as the title suggests is themed around everything you dream of if you are a high roller. The reel symbols include chilled champagne, an expensive watch, a sports car and a private boat. Even the standard playing card symbols are diamond encrusted. Continue reading

Mamma Mia slot

Mamma Mia Slot by BetSoft Gaming

Mamma Mia slot is not as you would initially think, about the movie of the same name. This slot instead revolves around a very stereotypical Italian chef and his quest to impress a snooty looking food critic. Offering the player thirty optional paylines set out over five reels, Mamma Mia slot caters for all budgets and players of all experience levels. Continue reading