Mazooma’s Money Spinner Slots Game Reviewed

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Mazooma’s Money Spinner Slots Game Reviewed

Money Spinner is a video slots game by Mazooma. It features five reels and twenty pay lines for players to play on, and presents players with colourful gem symbols, including amethysts, emeralds, sapphires, and topaz gems in bright green, purple, blue, and orange. The game also offers players wilds, guaranteed spins, and multipliers.  The Money Spinner video slots game is available both in land-based casinos and online, and may also be accessed via mobile devices.

Basic Game Play

The Money Spinner video slots game offers players a 5 x 3 reel grid to play on, and players can choose to activate anything between one and twenty pay lines. Players are also able to choose how many coins they wish to play per spin, and this ranges from 0.01 coins to twenty five coins per line per spin. The maximum coins per spin is five hundred. This will be selected when choosing the bet max option. After having made their selections and placed their bets, players can move on to spin the reels, either manually or by selecting the auto play feature, where a set amount of spins will be pre-selected to be played out automatically. Once the reels have been spun, players may or may not land winning combinations.

In order to win, players will need to land between three and five matching gem symbols or any of the standard poker value playing cards, including the ten, jack, queen, king, or aces, on an active pay line. Landing bonus symbols will trigger the bonus features. The standard paying cards will pay out up to hundred and twenty five times the bet per line. The gems afford slightly higher payouts. Landing the topaz will pay out two hundred and fifty times, sapphires four hundred times, and emeralds and amethysts will pay out up to seven hundred and fifty times. The wild symbol has the highest total payout, and landing five of these will pay out up to ten thousand times the original line bet.

Guaranteed Spins

Instead of offering players conventional free spins, Mazooma’s Money Spinner offers players guaranteed spins. This will build up and be kept track of until players land a safe symbol on the fifth reel. The guaranteed spins to be collected can only land on the first four reels of the game. Once the safe symbol is landed on the fifth reel, either one, two, or three further spins will be added to the guaranteed spins total and then the Money Spinner feature will be activated and the player can then play out this guaranteed spins. All of these spins will guarantee some sort of win. Even though the Money Spinner feature does offer guaranteed wins, it does take a while to build up enough guaranteed spins to be added to the meter and the feature to actually launch. Therefore it is advisable to begin playing with a bet players are comfortable with.

The Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in the Money Spinner video slots game may be used to substitute any of the other symbols and thereby help players complete winning pay lines and make up the best possible winning combinations. Any winning combination that includes a wild symbol will automatically come with a two time multiplier.