Let’s Have a Detailed Look at Online Pokies Casino Game

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Let’s Have a Detailed Look at Online Pokies Casino Game

The word pokies is Australian and refers to what we would otherwise call slot machines. Pokies are the colloquial term for poker machine, the game that was a predecessor to the pokies we play today. These games are the most popular form of entertainment found at Internet casinos and they provide players with nonstop entertainment, action, and potentially big wins.

Australian Online Pokies Sites offer simplistic, uncomplicated game play at its best. The bright colours, beautifully drawn symbols and exciting soundtracks make these games incredibly popular, and the fact that they are easy to play add to their already immense appeal.

Online Pokies History

In New York in the year of 1891 the first attempt at creating what we know as a slot machine today was made. This machine basically consisted of five different drums and these drums would hold fifty cards. In the late 1890’s Charles fey, an auto mechanic from San Francisco improved upon the game and created the Liberty Bell, a prototype slots game that features reels emblazoned with images of the bells, spades and other instantly recognisable symbols. Soon this game became popular in bars all over the region and pokies grew rapidly in popularity.

The Bell-fruit gum company also had an indirect effect on online pokies. This company was involved in the early slots when the machines would give winnings in the form of flavoured gums.

Pokies took a giant leap forward in 1976 the first video slots game was released in Los Angeles, paving the way for the future of a game that continues to captivate the world.

So Many Online Pokies Variants

Pokies have been created in almost every theme, genre and style imaginable, for example, visit. Video slots are very commonly found across the Internet casinos and are essentially pokies all grown up. These games boast an amazing storyline, incredible graphics, and animations and cut scenes and are often based on popular movie or comic book characters. Sophisticated, cutting edge and incredibly immersive, video slots remain an Aussie favourite.

When looking more at winning potential for online pokies, the progressive jackpot pokies are what you want to play. In these online pokies games the jackpot increases in size with every bet that is placed. Although these games also seem to be visually stimulating, the main focus is on that jackpot.

There is even a form of online pokies for the eager player who would like to claim more than one machine at a time. These online pokies are termed MegaSpin games and can feature up to 4 sets of reels at a time. The same best are placed on each game and the payouts can climb quickly, due to the 4 different games all running at once.

For players who want to get back to basics, there are classic reel or fruities games. The classic reel games generally feature 3 reels and perhaps one bonus symbol such as a Wild, and are based on the original format of the game. Alternatively, the fruities are based on the quintessential British pub style game and have reels adorned with brightly coloured fruit symbols that when forming a winning combination trigger a payout.

No matter what your online pokies preference, it’s not hard to find a game that will captivate and amuse you endlessly.